Extra £320,000 to support Young and Adult Carers across Powys

….and a Carers movement is on the rise!

Over 16,000 people across Powys look after a family member or a friend who is ill or disabled. Carers of ages (including children) across Powys have been saying that awareness raising and better access to respite are needed. Carers, Powys County Council and Health Board have a Carers Steering Group have allocated an additional £320k of special (ICF) funding from Welsh Government to Credu, a local charity to support Young and Adult Carers across Powys with these challenges, as well as to supporting Carers to have a strong voice in the planning and delivery of services!

Raising Awareness

‘Awareness raising is so important to Carers because so often it is only when we get to breaking point that we realise what help is available and that it is OK to get help’

‘For Young Carers awareness raising is needed because teachers and other young people need to understand that we have a lot of responsibility at home and as well as being a good thing to do, it can affect us in different ways…’Who Cares? We Do!

These are the things that adult and young carers say all the time!

The campaign has already started with young and adult Carers in towns and villages across Powys coming together to plan very local awareness raising campaigns in schools, doctors surgeries, health centres, among community groups – everywhere!Who Cares? We Do!

Llandrindod – Newtown – Ystradgynlais – Machynlleth – Brecon

Breaks for Carers – with a difference!

Looking after a loved one can be manageable if Carers can get regular, planned breaks and flexible breaks for emergencies. When this is in place, it can work Who Cares? We Do!amazingly well here in Powys!

However, sometimes it can be a challenge if you don’t have a break / to access to the right kind of respite. This can drive Carers to breaking point.

Service Leaders and portfolio holders have listened to Carers share very difficult personal experiences at a range of events since 2017 and are endeavouring to find a way forward even in this tough financial climate.

Credu has been awarded £212k over the next 18 months to support Carers and their families to find a way of accessing respite that works for their individual set of circumstances and to try out approaches with the view of longer-term arrangements being sustained through direct payments or social services.
By the end of the eighteen months, it is anticipated that these person / family centred approaches will be embedded and that Carers will have much more information and examples of how they can find ways of both caring for a loved one and have a life outside of caring.

You are welcome to get support, join in and have your say– call Credu on 01597 823800

What does Respite Mean to You?

Cheryl Beer
An Ethnographic Poem crafted from Carers in Powys

What matters most
Is what matters most
Well resourced, trustful
A toast to the simple
And yet, bespoke

Mutual, timely
A thoughtful space
Easy to access
A meaningful place
Where I can be me
Tailored freely

Time to enjoy & feel safe, why?
Because it’s not just ME
It’s us & I

Kind compassion
Time alone
Sleep, rest, play
Holiday from home

True understanding
Listen, take heed
A sense of our Self
Is all that we need

A carer who cares
But not just for me
For carers and cared for
Equally, so that we can be
Who we are

What matters most
Is sometimes lost
Tailor my care
Regardless of Cost

Looking forward
Based on our truth
Innovative, appropriate
And future proof

Be different, be thoughtful
Be creative, be brave
From bird watching to painting
Whatever we crave

TO recharge, to exercise
To be more than enough
TO respect, less alone
But most of all LOVE.