A young carer runs across a field holding a kiteIn Powys, new funding has been made available to provide carers with free assistive technology products, such as clocks, telephones, movement sensors, pagers, and more.

Your needs for specific items of assistive technology can be identified during your Carer’s Assessment, but you can also access this free technology following a recommendation from a Social Worker, OT or even possibly from Credu Outreach Workers. In any case, speak to us to get the process started.

This technology should help:

  • avoid falls or mitigate the effect of a fall through early indication and alert
  • avoid missing person incidents
  • avoid or delay admission to a care home
  • avoid unplanned hospital admissions
  • remind people to take medication
  • and ease some of the pressure on you as a carer

Get in touch with us for the most up-to-date brochure as new products are added regularly, and let us know if any additional items should be added that would make your life easier.

If there is a piece of equipment this funding doesn’t cover, or if you are outside of Powys, we will do our best to find alternative sources of funding for you.

If you wish to purchase any equipment directly yourself, check out the Safe And Well catalogue online.