An adult carer speaking at a conference and making the carers' voice heard at national levelWe are here to offer practical support with all manner of legal matters. While we don’t provide legal support ourselves, we can signpost to services, help you clarify what you need, offer advocacy, and help you access legal advice from professionals like solicitors.

For example, you or the person you care for may want to write a will, and we can help you with setting this up. There is some information in the Carers’ Trust information page on Writing A Will to get you started, but we will support you through the process.

If you manage the affairs of the person you care for, you might want to think about setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney. It is a legal document where you can give another person the authority to make certain decisions on your behalf. The person you care for may want to set up a Lasting Power of Attorney so that it is easier for you to make decisions for them, if they can’t do this for themselves in the future.

Here is a link to the Government’s information section about how to set up a Power of Attorney – remember that we are always on hand to help with the process, and also that you may be exempt from fees for the setup.

Your rights as a carer are protected in law, and we can provide you with information about any current and new laws, and what they mean for Carers. For example, the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 came into force in April 2016 and includes significant changes for carers, including new duties on local councils, are carers and the people they look after having more of a say in the care and support they receive. For an overview of the new act, check out this explanation page on the Interlink RCT website, and this set of resources on the Care Council for Wales website.

Remember, speak to us with any question or query you might have, and we will help you with anything legal- or policy-related.

We also want to make sure you know your rights as a carer, and as an organisation representing you we feed back your opinions and input at government and policy-maker level.