Carers having tea and cake around a tableA Carer’s Assessment is carried out by the local’s council’s Social Services, and we can support you with organising it, planning for it, and we can provide advocacy (we can be there with you to support you and make sure your voice and wishes are heard). Below is some outline information about what a Carer’s Assessment is and isn’t.

  • It is free.
  • It is a way of identifying how caring impacts on your life.
  • It’s also an opportunity to ask what matters to you, and what a good life looks like to you.
  • It isn’t a test about how good you are at caring.
  • It helps to work out what help and support might be available to make life easier for you.
  • It is usually a face to face meeting with someone from social services. We can be there to support you if you would like us to.
  • If your circumstances change, you can ask for your assessment to be done again.

To get a Carer’s Assessment you should contact your local council to request it. We can help with this process on your behalf.

To prepare for your Carer’s Assessment, find some time to reflect on your role as a carer – what works, what’s challenging, and also generally what a good life looks like and what matters to you. We can have a conversation with you to help you think through various aspects of this.

Some things you might want to think about are:

  • What’s working well?
  • Are you getting enough sleep and rest? Is it affecting your health?
  • Do get out and about, and do you get time for yourself?
  • What do you enjoy?
  • It is affecting any of your other relationships?
  • Do you need information about benefits and additional support?
  • What’s a worry for you? What’s rewarding?
  • Is the person you care for getting enough help?
  • What would make things easier for you?
  • What matters the most to you?

The consumer watchdog Which? has published an article containing a checklist for preparing for a Carer’s Assessment, including more questions to think about beforehand. You can read it here.

This Accessing Public Services Toolkit from Cerebra aims to support disabled people and carers, as well as their families and advisers, who are encountering difficulties with the statutory agencies in relation to the provision of health, social care and education support services. This toolkit aims to unpick these problems and to develop effective strategies for resolving them.

Remember, we are on hand to help with every stage of this process. Just get in touch with us.