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Help with finding a Care Home in Powys

If you or someone you care for is thinking about making a care home your permanent place of residence, use the link below to search for a care home in Powys and read related advice:
Find a care home in Powys (

Moving to a Residential or Nursing Care Home

Making a decision to move – usually to where you think you will receive more care – is a very hard decision and perhaps the most important decision you have had to take.

How do I get help?

It is important that you choose a care home that meets your needs. You are entitled to an assessment to find out exactly what your needs are, whether your care is going to be State funded or paid for privately. Even if you will be paying privately it is useful to have an assessment of your needs if there is a chance that you might need to seek funding from the council in the future.

To ask for an assessment, check eligibility and see costs contact Powys People Direct on 01597 827666 or follow the link on the Powys County Council website.

The Age Cymru factsheet, ‘Finding care home accommodation in Wales’, is a detailed resource containing information on the following

  • Making a decision about going into a home
  • A range of questions to ask and issues to consider when choosing a home
  • Financial considerations when choosing a care home
  • Problems and complaints

Age Cymru produces a number of other factsheets on care homes that may be useful to look at in. These include:

  • Paying for a permanent care home placement in Wales
  • Treatment of property in the means test for permanent care home provision in Wales
  • Local authority assessment for community care services in Wales
  • Care Home checklist

These are available through their website,  by telephone on 01597 825908 or call in to the Age Cymru office at Marlow, South Crescent, Llandrindod Wells LD1 5DH.