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Carers in Llandrindod

This is your webpage created and to be developed by fellow Carers and Credu staff

Carers in Llandrindod have formed a strong network of peer support. It is mainly led by Carers for Carers. Credu are there to support and there are local outreach workers that support Carers on an individual basis ( funded by Powys County Council and the Community Fund).

Prestigious Volunteer Awards

The amazing Sophie Gibbs of the Superb Llandrindod Carers Support Group got shortlisted for the prestigious volunteer awards. Sophie works tirelessly for the Llandrindod Carers group which has grown from a very small group, to a group of more than 40 Carers! They have organised a range of events in Llandrindod, involved local businesses in supporting Carers and they support each other. Sophie is a natural leader within the group and is hugely appreciated by her peers for her passionate dedication and support.

This webpage is the beginnings of an online resource with and for Carers in this area so that you can get connected in the way that you want to, when you want to!

To find out about groups and one to one support for Carers in your area you can contact us on 01597 823800

Caring and Finances

For a number of different reasons, Caring for someone can sometimes have an impact on you finances. Sometimes people need to reduce their hours at work or give up their jobs to care for a loved one. This can be exceptionally tough. This leaflet can help people work through their finances and make the best of what they have: Making the best of your finances. Also these links give some basic information for Carers. However good you are with your finances,  it can still be a struggle and if you would like to talk to someone about your finances or if you would like to save locally, these are some of your local options:

Citizens Advice Powys:  0345 6018421

Your Local Credu Outreach Worker: 01597 823800

Age Cymru Powys: 01597 825908

***This page was funded as part of a Wales Co-operative Centre Project by the Community Fund***

Llandrindod Wells