On 20th November we supported Young Carers to attend the county wide ‘Have Your Say Day’ which saw 100 children and young people from schools across Powys discuss issues including Mental health and Wellbeing Being, Physical Health, Apprenticeships and training and Post 16 learning.
We took the opportunity to ask Powys school children about their knowledge of what a Young Carers is, whether they would like to know more about Young Carers and how they would like this information.

34 of the 39 questioned knew what a YC was/did. 37 of the 39 wanted more information from us. When asked how that information would be best received, the top answers were a short film/video, a workshop in school or a school assembly.

We are planning to respond to this for Young Carer Awareness Day on 25th January 2018 by providing activities and assemblies in schools and we are working with a local film maker to produce a short film for schools in 2018.

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