A group of young carers jumpaing and dancing in a hallNot sure what medicines the person you care for should be taking and at what time? Worried the dose isn’t quite right? Your local pharmacy offers a range of free services to support you and the person you care for. These include medicines reviews (also sometimes called medicine use reviews, or medication reviews). Most pharmacies have private consultation rooms so your pharmacist can speak to you in private.

We can help you with requesting a medicines review from your pharmacist, alongside other useful related services like repeat prescriptions, delivery services, and dosette boxes.

Here are a few things to think about when you are planning to have a medicines review:

  • Are there any changes you want to suggest?
  • Do you have any worries, or questions you want answered?
  • Is it difficult to take medicines, for example if they are hard to swallow?
  • Are there many different tablets to take at different times and it’s difficult to remember when each need to be taken?
  • Are there any side effects from one or more of the medicines?
  • Do you need easier to open containers?

The meeting usually takes between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on how much there is to talk about. It will be booked a few days in advance, at a time to suit you. It is confidential, and afterwards a note to say the meeting took place and a record of any changes agreed as a result, will be put into your medical notes. So your doctor will be aware of any changes to treatments.


If there is an urgent problem with medicines, don’t wait for a medicine review. If the person taking medication has any of the conditions on this list, don’t delay, talk to a doctor or pharmacist straight away:

  • If they have taken too much of any medicine.
  • If they have an allergic reaction to a new medicine (such as wheezing, rash, swelling or fainting).
  • If you notice a serious side effect or any unusual symptoms.
  • If you notice the person’s health getting worse.