Credu supports carers and their families in Powys (Credu Powys) and North Wales (WCD Young Carers). We help carers to both look after their loved ones and take care of themselves as individuals. We provide:

  • information and resources online
  • confidential advice and support in person through our team of outreach workers
  • opportunities to meet other carers in the area through groups, activities and trips
  • carer wellbeing assessments
  • advocacy for dealing with other service providers and supporting carers to represent themselves
  • counselling sessions
  • training opportunities

We work very closely with statutory (public services) and third sector (charity) organisations, as well as with carers, in order to provide our services throughout the regions we work in. We help professionals in other sectors to support carers effectively, for example in schools, housing and health.

We communicate carers’ views back to local and national policy makers and decision makers. We carry out consultations and feedback suggestions for improving services for carers, and play an active part in promoting carers’ rights. It is a key part of our role to help build awareness about carers, their role, and their needs – both locally and nationally.

We also work with a number of local and national voluntary organisations to keep in touch and share information about the services that are available. We are a Network Partner of the Carers Trust, a charity that supports a network of local carers support organisations.

We don’t charge a membership fee and rely on funding to share our resources freely with carers and their families.