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Ystradgynlais Young Carers’ Group Pancake Day

Harry a Young Adult Carer on the 1st of March 2017 became both our film director and producer. He videoed us making, eating and celebrating pancakes at Ystradgynlais Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Group and then edited, added music and titles to create this Young Carer Pirate Pancake Production film. A film staring Elin, Sam, Ruby, Kay and India at Ystradgynlais Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Group

Here is Harry’s Young Carer Pirate Pancake Production film.


Consultation across the (Jump) Nation

Credu were asked to undertake a consultation with young carers across Powys on behalf of Powys Teaching Health Board and Powys County Council. To make this fun as well as productive, we chose a trip to Jump Nation, following positive feedback from our last visit and requests from a number of you to do it again.
It was a win-win situation, with bouncers bouncing, friendships forging, discussions unfolding and questions answered about your vision of how people in Powys can lead healthy and independent lives and what would help them to achieve this.

We hope that your feedback goes towards creating a better and healthy future for us all as residents of Powys.

Thank you again from us for your valuable and knowledgeable input!

To Infinity and Beyond!

Recently Powys Health Board donated money for Credu young carers to have a wicked day out! They asked for the opinions of young carers, on what they need to live a good life and what they think health and care services should look like in the future. In exchange for this important information the young carers were treated to an amazing day at the Jump Infinity Trampoline Park in Cardiff.

They astounded us all with their Tigger like dexterity! There were flips, somersaults, dives and rolls everywhere, horizontal wall climbing, half pipe tricks and basketball. The gladiator style battles were defiantly a favourite.

Welsh Government’s Older People’s Strategy Review

Dear Friends,

COPA in partnership with Volunteering Matters are undertaking a range of activities to gain the views of older people on what priorities should be considered if the Welsh Government undertake a refresh of the older people’s strategy. We are doing this through meeting as many of the local forums as possible, an Engage project in 6 Local Authorities where we are doing street surveys and meeting groups that older people attend out of interest not because they are older people and also through an on-line survey. The deadline for response is March 15th.


Help COPA in shaping the future Strategy for #OlderPeople in Wales https://goo.gl/forms/1ApFpcZhqYun4auT2


Helpwch COPA i ffurfio Strategaeth #PoblHŷn y dyfodol yng Nghymru https://goo.gl/forms/DGORLVEe0xjEbJfx2

Montgomeryshire Dementia Home Treatment Team Consultation

From Powys Local Health Board


As you may be aware, the Fan Gorau Unit in Newtown temporarily closed to new admissions in June 2016 due to safety concerns arising from significant challenges in maintaining safe staffing 24 hours a day. The unit primarily provides short stay inpatient assessment for older people with organic mental health problems such as dementia. At that time it had been our goal to re-open the service by December 2016 but repeated recruitment efforts were not successful and this has not proved possible.

In the meantime the staff from the unit have been redeployed as a Dementia Home Treatment Team. This has received positive feedback from service users and family/carers as well as from staff. We recognise however for those patients needing admission it has required travel to services further away, and this was particularly the case at the time of initial temporary closure for those people who were receiving inpatient care at the time.

Given the continued temporary closure we are currently undertaking a period of structured engagement to help us work with communities, staff and the Community Health Council to agree the way forward.

Through this engagement we are particularly keen to hear from:

·         People who have experienced the new Dementia Home Treatment Service and their families & carers – about their experiences of the services, what worked and what could be improved

·         People with dementia and their family and carers who may need to call on this type of service – about their hopes and concerns

·         The wider public and stakeholders in Montgomeryshire – about their perceptions of the service, and their hopes for the future

·         Partners in the planning and delivery of mental health services – about how we can continue to work together to provide the best possible safe & sustainable services for people with dementia in Montgomeryshire

The engagement period continues to 31 March 2017. During this time we will be attending a number of community events across Montgomeryshire. This will include attending existing events for carers, third sector organisations and others. In addition we are holding a number of drop in sessions where members of the public and other stakeholders can meet members of the team, find out more and share their views. .

 Attend one of our public drop-in sessions:

  • Newtown – 8th March, 12.30pm to 2pm, Plas Dolerw, Milford Road
  • Welshpool – 9th March, 12noon to 1.30pm, COWSHACC, adjacent to Berriew Street Car Park
  • Machynlleth – 13th March, 4pm to 5.30pm, Machynlleth Hospital


  • Write to the Engagement & Communication Team, Powys Teaching Health Board, Bronllys Hospital, Bronllys, Brecon LD3 0LU
  • Email us at planning.powys@wales.nhs.uk


More information is also available from our website at http://www.powysthb.wales.nhs.uk/news/44065

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